The Jain Temples or a group of Jain monasteries at Basadi Halli are among the popular sightseeing attractions of the region. These Jain Temples are renowned for their decorated pillars, which are highly polished almost resembling mirrors. Located close to the Hoysaleswara Temple, the group encompasses three shrines.

Among these three shrines, Parswanathaswamy Temple is the most noteworthy, featuring a 32 pillared pavilion. The shrine houses a 14 feet high figurine of black stone. On the figurine, a seven-headed serpent has been imprinted. Along with the shrine, Adinathaswamy (Central temple) and Shanthinathaswamy (to the east of Shanthinathaswamy) are other two temples in the complex.

Besides temples, there are several ‘mathas’ (monasteries) in the region on Chandragiri hill. Among the prominent monasteries are Bhandari Basti, Akkara Basti and Chandragupta Basti, which are believed to have been built during the reign of Emperor Ashoka.

To the north-east of the Shiva temple, there is a wide stretch of sand covered debris that has been excavated recently. To the south-west corner of the stretch, there are remains of the Huccheshvara Temple.